the concept

The Wild Parrot Brewing Company will be a lager-focused brewery and pub, located in Pasadena.  While we take beer quality extremely seriously, we also believe its primary purpose is to help people have fun.

Our mission is to create a distinct, local brand that is respected equally for our great beer and relationship with our community and customers.  

The Beer

Lagers!  And a sprinkling of ales!  The initial line up of beers will be approachable, bright and easy-drinking.  As you read this, we are nailing down our pilsner and light pale lager recipe.  We are also working on a malty but crisp amber lager and light-bodied and hop-stuffed IPL.  While our focus is lagers, we aren't limiting ourselves - who doesn't love a rich, roasty stout every once in a while.  Our beer will primarily be sold through the pub, along with distribution to local restaurants, stores and bars.  

The Pub

The Wild Parrot Pub will be a neighborhood hang-out that is relaxed, comfortable, and exceedingly casual.  The space will provide open views into the brewery, a few TVs to watch football, college football, football highlights or The Bachelor, a giant "nest" art piece and a kids' play area. The concept renderings give an example of the look and feel we are going after (we don't have a location yet).  

Concept Renderings by Jed Donaldson