4th Time's The Charm (?)

Hey everybody, we are still here!  Welp, we had hoped to have some big news by now but things unfortunately have not gone that way.  It has been half a year (!!) since our location search began and in that time we have seen a ton of spaces, ranging from awesome to disgusting.  One in particular was home to squatters and had all the fun elements of an “informal” living space.  Needless to say, that was one that had us showering afterwards.  But some of these locations have been really good, prompting us to submit an offer.  Also needless to say, those have not panned out.  So we are essentially back where we were months ago, only with a good amount of experience gained in the fun world of commercial real estate.

Getting Real

Hi folks!  It has been embarrassingly long since we last wrote something, but rest assured it isn’t because the Wild Parrot crew has been slacking.  It has been quite the opposite, and to get you the full view of the latest happenings, this will be a split blog between the two of us. So let’s get to the update!

Beer Festival Antics

Last Saturday a friend and I each spent $31.50 to drink beer for three and a half hours.  The event was called the California Beer Festival, which is one of a growing number of largish, beer-centered events.  For those of you who are not familiar with how these things typically go down, this is the gist: stand in line to get a 3oz pour, drink that beer, go to the next booth and repeat.  There are food trucks and vendors scattered around along with some kind of live music.  I am going to review this experience from two angles - the beer drinker and the brewery owner.

Convention Hangover

After a hard-fought battle between a set of pretty decent names for our mascot, the top vote getter was Elroy!  It was a contentious battle with Squawky McSquawkface supporters feeling they were not given a fair shake by the PNC (Parrot Naming Committee).  Wally Pils argued that Elroy, being the combination of the names of the two brew-children, was too “establishment” to be the face of Wild Parrot Brewing Company.  Things got so heated that the “Pils Pals” threatened to walk out of the convention in protest.  But Elroy, Wally Pils, and McSquawkface agreed on a “Lagers Forward” platform, unifying the party and setting them up for the fight ahead.

Name Our Mascot

As we continue to work on the “larger financial aspects” of the brewery, which is a subject that makes our lawyer nervous for us to even mention, we get to come up with fun things to write about that don't involve federal regulations.  While on vacation this past weekend we got to talking with the Wild Parrot in-laws about the brewery and ideas for blog material.  We mentioned that we thought it would be a cool idea to have a contest to let our lovely and good-smelling blog readers name the mascot.  However, given the way those naming contests have gone in other instances (we’re looking at you Boaty McBoatface), we aren’t too sure if trusting the beer-loving public is the greatest idea.