Game. On.

You have stumbled upon what will inevitably be either the fantastic success story of a brewery opening, from concept to first pour, OR a dumpster fire where dreams are crushed like barley for my mash tun. This is the Wild Parrot Brewing Company blog and this is the first post.  Here is a graphical representation of the potential outcomes to keep you interested.

So joking aside (but not that much aside) I am pretty damn excited to get this thing going.  It has been years of thought and research that have got me to the point where I am comfortable enough to "go public" with this plan.  For both selfish and non-selfish reasons, I will be sharing this story with anybody willing to read it.

Selfish : Readers = potential customers

Non-Selfish : The stuff written here will help people in the future, as I was helped by other brewery blogs

As for the content of this blog, I will try to include as many nuts and bolts as possible, since that is what I valued in reading other brewery blogs.  For those not so interested in how the sausage is made, I will also write about others in the industry that I meet with, and minimally-filtered thoughts I have on how things are going.  A big part of writing this to to help me learn from others and figure out what the hell I am doing. 

Finally, I created this website and blog post during my paternity leave, which is kind of neglectful, but I think the kids will be OK.  Most of you aren't gonna care, but here are two pictures so you can get an idea of who is behind this endeavor and the munchkins who will suffer as a result. 

Jusssst kidding, they will be grateful when they are in high scho . . I mean college . .  and make all sorts of friends because their dad owns a kick ass brewery.

So wish me good luck and I will write again soon.  The upcoming posts will be on:

  • Talking with the owner of the Highland Park Brewery
  • How I came up with the name for the brewery
  • The vision for the brewery

Side note - I just got projectile vomited on by my 2 week old and it didn't get on the computer, so things are going great already!