Mr. Beer Throwdown!

As legitimate excuses for drinking large quantities of beer go, the holidays are up there with bachelor parties and tailgates.  We had family in town for Thanksgiving, and with the threat of conversation drifting into uncomfortable topics, I thought it was a great time to conduct the much-anticipated Mr. Beer Throwdown.  To refresh your memory, a few months ago I brewed up a “Czech Pilsner” from the Mr. Beer brand of homebrew kits to see if it was in fact “the best beer I’ve ever tasted,” with the intention of pitting it against the legendary Pilsner Urquell.  That brew failed in epic fashion, resulting in me punishing our sewer with some of the most undrinkable beer I’ve ever tasted.  Determined to not fail again, I brewed the “Aztec Mexican Cerveza” with the notable substitution of an actual lager yeast used in place of the mystery yeast provided by Mr. Beer.  After tasting the beer and giving it a grade above sewer-worthy, the competition was on!

The Participants

Wife - Does not like beer but is somehow getting into the brewery business

Mother-in-law - Does not like beer but really likes wine

Father-in-law - Likes beer, especially German styles

Father - Likes beer, especially Dos Equis

Me - Likes beer


The Beers

A. Corona Familiar - This may or may not be the same as regular Corona Extra, just in a brown bottle so it doesn’t get skunky. 

B. Aztec Mexican Cerveza- A can of goo that I turned into beer.

C. Trader Jose Premium Beer - A TJ’s private label brand, which usually means it is decent and cheap.


The Tasting

This was done blind, with the beer poured into red keg cups since the Mr. Beer beer was much darker than the others.  I should mention that these were not the first drinks any of the participants had enjoyed that day . . . here are the reactions:

This pic doesn't do justice to the clarity of B.  Nice multitasking.

This pic doesn't do justice to the clarity of B.  Nice multitasking.

A. Corona Familiar

Mother-in-law - “I don’t know about the bouquet”

Wife - “Not as strong as my chardonnay”

Mother-in-law - “It has foam like the ocean”

Father - “I like it, it reminds me of beer brewed in the 60’s.  I would buy this”

Father-in-law - “It’s like Pabst Blue Ribbon”


B. Mr. Beer Aztec Mexican Cerveza

Father - “Has caramel undertones, would go well with an apple.”

Father-in-law - “Much finer bubbles.”

Mother-in-law - “This tastes like caramel, I like it much more than A.”

Wife - “Much better than A.  A was garbage.”


C. Trader Jose Premium Beer

Father - “Tastes like a pretty ordinary Mexican beer.  Would go well with tacos.”

Mother-in-law - “Tastes better than A.  Has a nutty flavor”

Wife - “C reminds me a lot of A.”

Father-in-law - “Tastes like a traditional lager.”

Wife - “I’m done wasting my calories on beer.”


At the end, all submitted their rankings and here are the results (1 = best, 3 = worst)

Mr Beer Results.jpg

The Trader Joe’s brand is your winner!  And the other two are equal losers!

The Verdict

Hey, the Mr. Beer stuff didn’t do that bad - The two people that don’t like beer thought it was the best!  I didn’t really like it, but I can honestly say that there were beers I tried in Boise that were worse than the Mr. Beer Aztec Mexican Cerveza.  Now I have to look into ordering industrial sized Mr. Beer tanks for the brewery.


Quick Update - Part II of the Oyster blog post is coming up soon.  Sorry if any of you have been waiting for the past 2+ weeks in anticipation (I think that would be none of you).  Work on securities documents start this weekend.