Nintendo + Beer

When I met with Jennifer at MacLeod Ales she mentioned that “pairing” was a magic term.  People like food and people like beer, so it is natural that they would like them together in a complementary way.  Well my mom recently brought me a box of childhood stuff, where I unearthed a sweet cache of 8-bit Nintendo games and that got me thinking: People like video games and people like beer, so why not pair them?

Super Mario Brothers - There is probably no more classic game and it is still solid as it ever was.  After seeing other people play it as an adult, I realize how much I sucked at it as a kid.  Beer Pairing - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


Mike Tyson’s Punch Out - A solid, great game.  I can’t count the endless nights I spent whooping all contenders up until Mr. Sandman whooped on me.  It's best played with friends so they can rail on you when some weak-ass opponent like King Hippo puts you on the mat. Beer Pairing - Trumer Pils



Commando - You are a soldier named Super Joe (surely no copyright infringement there) and you are battling some unknown enemy.  I played this recently and it is not nearly as fun as I remembered.  Should have just left it as a good memory.  Beer Pairing - 40oz of Camo Malt Liquor (which I haven’t drank in quite a while and have left it as a bad memory)


Contra - This game is awesome and probably one of the best ever.  It is also hard, but at least you can cheat and get 30 lives by using the Konami Code (   Beer Pairing - Pliny The Elder (never have had The Younger)


Duck Hunt - Another classic that you enjoy while you play it, but after a few games, you’ve had enough.  Also, there is not one person who played this game and didn't want to blast that dog. Beer Pairing - Sam Adams Boston Lager


Rampage - This two player game allows you to destroy cities and beat up your friend at the same time.  You can also eat people and crush cars with your bare hands.  If this game were made in 2015, parents would riot.  Beer Pairing - Stone Double Bastard

Silent Service - Everyone has a dud in their video game collection, and this is mine.  Submarines are so cool yet this game sucks so much.  Beer Pairing - Shock Top (which pairs perfectly with something you should chuck in the garbage)

Side note - It is less than a month until my trip to Colorado for the Brewery Immersion Course and I am getting prreeeettty excited for it.  I have also contacted a builder of brewery kettles that is located in the same town to take a tour and talk about their products.   Between having young kids and an over-active brain at night, sleeping is already a problem. As mid-April approaches, I'm guessing this will accurately reflect how I feel: