The Wife's Take

As promised, here is the first of a few posts from my lovely, caring wife, business partner, Wild Parrot co-owner, secretary of the corporation, wine drinker, and fellow member of the Board of Directors:

Believe it or not, John and I met in high school.  We became friends because 1. We sucked at chemistry and needed extra help after school and 2. He always needed a ride home afterword – so he mooched off of me.

Since we met in high school and started dating around our junior year, I have known the man for about seventeen years.  That’s a hell of a long time if you ask me.  But I always thought that we got along pretty well – and so did he because after much heel dragging, he asked me to marry him.  And now here we are, living in the world’s smallest house (but it is ours!) with two of the world’s cutest children (hey, I can’t help it, I’m the mom), about to start the world’s best brewery (we can hope!).

People who have children may tell you that it can be a little stressful at times.  Between juggling a “threenager” (a 3 year old that throws tantrums in the middle of Chipotle, destroys your belongings, and causes much stress and anxiety to parents), and caring for a 7 month old (a happy little girl who loves to party all night long), John and I have our hands full.  And the espresso machine is our best friend.  Through all the stress of having young kids, we can keep it together fairly well and have a pretty healthy relationship.  Which is good because we are about put our house and savings on the line and go into business together.

John brewed his first batch of beer in the summer of 2011.  By the time the six-hour session was over, the house was hot and stinky, there was grain dust everywhere, and the kitchen floor was a mess.  I can’t remember if the beer was any good, as I prefer wine myself.  After that, John slowly began accumulating brewing equipment that he “needed,” and our garage filled with a chest freezer, kegarator, grain mill, assorted tubes and other instruments, and John’s dream of opening a craft brewery began to grow.  He was able to convince me over a long period of time that he wanted to do this together.  I didn’t go along easily and to this day still have many fears such as: will we be completely broke all the time when we are starting out, will I be a single parent most nights, how will I juggle a full time teaching job with running a brewery and raising a family, and the most important: will we ever take a family vacation again…?  (If you know any teachers, you know how we value our vacations :-).  I know especially for the first few years it will be hard and we will both sacrifice.  We will have to lean hard on our family and friends.  In the end, I think that what we will create together will be worth it.  In the meantime, if you see me in the Chipotle line by myself with 2 screaming kids, please give me a hand!

Side note: Last week John and I walked into the bank and opened up the business bank account with a chunk of our savings.  Just another step in the progress of this brewery that is both satisfying and terrifying.

-- Kirsten