How Anheuser Busch Named Our Brewery

If your beer is called Flaming Tarantula Vomit, there is a good chance I’m gonna want to try it.  Names that evoke some kind of emotion (like “whoa, that spider is spitting up fire!”) inevitably get more attention than something like John’s Red Beer.  With a brewery, your name is the first opportunity to get attention so there is a decent amount of pressure to hit the right note.  As with naming a kid, it’s been said that when you hit on the right name for your brewery, you will know it.  Well, for us it just plopped in my lap.  We live on Bonita Avenue . . so . . Bonita Brewery!  I carried that name in my head, made up a few logos and even started the business plan using that name.  I thought it was good, but then I talked with my lawyer/brother-in-law.  Long story short, the ability to trademark that name caused him some concern, which made me uneasy too.  I decided that at that early point, why swim up river for something that was good but not great and could easily be changed.  

Inspiration for the new name came as a result of a few events -

  1. My bike seat got stolen (seriously, just the seat. ugh), meaning that for a few days, I had to find a new way to get from my house to the train for my morning commute.  

  2. That resulted in me walking 1.5 miles each morning to the station, which is a surprisingly pleasant way to start your day.

  3. We got an espresso machine with our tax refund, which resulted in me chugging a double latte each morning before my walk.

  4. This lead to 20 minutes of “thinking to myself time” while buzzing off of caffeine.

So with all this going on, I walked each morning, thinking about beer, various aspects of the business and looking for name inspiration.  With my senses heightened from the espresso, I was determined to get a name . . if only these damn birds that are ALWAYS screeching ALL THE TIME would  SHUT UP . . wait a minute . . . BOOOOM!  And there you have it.  Wild Parrot Brewing Company.  It is local and instantly identifiable to people in our area.  It is also not constricting and it sounds cool.  The funny thing is, I don’t really like those parrots because they start screeching at 6am and sound like airborne Velociraptors. The trademark for the name was submitted right after incorporation, but there is a 6 month processing time, so there is a chance that there will be a future blog post on the 3rd name for the brewery.  Let’s hope not.

Wild parrots making noise in the neighborhood.


Finally, in digging into the history of the wild parrots, I came across this story on the now-closed Busch Gardens (as in Anheuser Busch) Theme Park in Van Nuys.  This beer-themed park, which was originally located in Pasadena, had a huge bird sanctuary that had a population of parrots.  It mentions that some of the parrots may have escaped, resulting in those loud bastards that are flying around free today.  So we have a beer related theme park, that was once located in Pasadena, that resulted in FRICKIN WILD PARROTS.  Shout out to Anheuser Busch for possibly being the genesis of our name!

Quick Update - Business plan work continues and it feels like progress is speeding up.  Probably another six or so weeks until there is a completed draft.  Also, we are giddy about soon starting work on a new logo with an extremely talented artist/beer lover.  The current one has always been a place holder and in my opinion is too generic and doesn’t hit the right note.  Stay tuned for more on that.