Easy Bake Lagers

In case it hasn’t been made clear in previous blog posts, Wild Parrot will be a lager-focused brewery.  That means basically nothing to most beer drinkers, but for those either in the industry or obsessed with beer, it is quite a departure from what the majority of new breweries do.  The biggest single reason why craft breweries stick with ales (as opposed to lagers) is that they just take longer to make.  Well a great friend bought me a Mr. Beer system (the two ingredient kits included were lagers*) and right on the box it says that I will be able to enjoy this beer in 14 days!  I’m intrigued.  Not only that, but the box also says this beer will be the best beer I’ve ever tasted!  Now I’m really intrigued.  And perhaps best of all, I can rock out this brew session in 30 minutes and there is hardly any clean up.  Why have I wasted so much time brewing the traditional way!?!?


A normal brew day involves a ton of work - milling grain, filtering water, all sorts of heavy lifting, dealing with hot liquids and cleaning.  Ugh, such a drag.   Mr. Beer bypasses all that hard labor and replaces it with a can of goop that is best described as mildly bitter syrup.  You basically add water, sprinkle in some yeast and two weeks later you are basking in 2 gallons of homemade beer.  One of the included goop cans was called Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, which piqued my interest despite the uninspired name.  The brew session took half an hour, which has been condensed down to a minute for your viewing pleasure.

I have no reason to distrust the fine reviewers on Amazon.com who gave this goop 4 of 5 stars.  Interestingly, the reviewers on BeerAdvocate have rated Pilsner Urquell (the standard bearer of Bohemian Pilsners) right around 4 of 5 stars too.  I think is a competition in order!  At the risk of messing with perfection, I added some real hops to the Mr. Beer brew (1/2oz of Saaz), and am fermenting it at a lower than suggested temperature to hopefully reduce fruitiness.  In a couple weeks, these two beers will go head to head and if the Mr. Beer pilsner wins, I’m ordering industrial sized Mr. Beer tanks so Wild Parrot can pump out lagers in 2 weeks!

Quick Update - The reviews of the business plan financial documents are coming in and things are looking solid.  We are on track to have a draft of the full plan done by the end of the month.  Work on the new logo has started and the initial sketches have got me waaay excited.

*This is almost certainly a lie.  The yeast provided in the kit is supposed to ferment at 68-70 degrees, which is ale territory.