Getting Real

Hi folks!  It has been embarrassingly long since we last wrote something, but rest assured it isn’t because the Wild Parrot crew has been slacking.  It has been quite the opposite, and to get you the full view of the latest happenings, this will be a split blog between the two of us. So let’s get to the update!


We apologize for the ginormous lapse in communication.  We have been extremely busy behind the scenes securing funding, finalizing our vision, and of course, working full time & raising two young kids.  HOWEVER, here we are.  Back again, with some interesting news.

Last weekend, we started visiting potential locations for the brewery.  In each spot, I started fantasizing about how it would look, full to the brim with happy people drinking our beer and enjoying each other’s company, completely started dreaming about the changes we would make and the improvements we could do.  Fantasizing about how it would improve the area, how families could walk to this neighborhood gathering place, how we could reach out to all aspects of our community, offering them a fantastic place have a drink and hang out. How kids would stay busy in their play area, how customers would watch the games on the TV, how we would offer outdoor seating in the late summer sun . . .

. . . but as John says, “calm it down, calm it down.”  I have a hard time playing it cool in these types of situations.  I am the sappy one whose heart-strings get tugged by these places and I immediately start dreaming and blabbering.  John on the other hand was looking at hard pros and cons.  Parking, zoning, ADA compliant bathrooms, kitchen facilities, a cool neighborhood vibe, outdoor seating options, proximity to public transportation, neighbors, traffic flow . . . the list goes on and on. So I am going to let him take it from here.


That pretty well nails the emotional side of what’s going on, so I will just add a few things that have already become extremely obvious:

  • The current inventory is pretty limited, so in order to locate in the areas we are targeting, there is going to have to be some flexibility in terms of size, existing infrastructure, and our design of the space.

  • This is not going to be a fast process.  The complexity of a brewery means that there is a ton of due-diligence needed to gather costs for construction and permitting.  Even if we find a space that ticks most of the boxes, a team of architects, engineers and contractors will have to spend time doing their own assessments.

  • There are going to be some big highs and big lows.  You found a great spot and have already started envisioning how it will look!  So exciting!  Oh what’s that?  It is going to require tens of thousands of dollars to put in new bathrooms?  Not so exciting!

So that is where we are.  It’s getting real and we will write again soon(ish)!