Year In Re-brew

Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on here at the Wild Parrot world headquarters (and it will likely continue that way for a bit) but while looking back through the anthology of blog posts, we noticed that last week marked the one-year anniversary of my trip to Colorado for the Brewery Immersion Course.  That was the real jumping off point of what has been been a helluva year.  El Niño was a dud in Southern California, Taco Bell released the Quesalupa and the Raiders weren’t awful.  Also, a lot has been accomplished in our work to start a brewery!  

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

  • Met with a dozen or so brewery owners and picked their hop-crusted brains
  • Finished the business plan and had the financials reviewed to make sure we weren’t crazy
  • Locked down our concept with our brewery consultant extraordinaire, Tom Hennessy
  • Incorporated the business in the fine State of California (and paid taxes like a big boy business!)
  • Made some extremely horrible then extremely average tasting beer using the Mr. Beer kit
  • Got our Mascot (gotta get that guy a name sometime soon) created by an award-winning animator
  • Developed mock-ups of our vision for the brewery and pub
  • Hosted a fantastic kick-off party (with a few more events planned)
  • Got custom logo lettering created by a renowned artist
  • Completed our securities documents
  • Wrote over 30 blog posts, most of which we are proud of

All the while, developing and refining (and re-refining) 5 beers that we feel are going to be a fantastic opening line up.  With all this business-y stuff going on, taking 5 hours to make alcoholic liquid is a nice way to unwind.

Probably the most important thing we have accomplished in the past year is create a path forward with the help of a bunch of people with knowledge in areas we are deficient in.  A year ago we sort of knew what we wanted to do but were a bit unfocused.  Now we have a solid vision and the next steps are clear.  To put myself on the spot here, if in 12 months we have a brewery under construction with equipment ordered and an opening day on the horizon, it will be a successful year.  We really look forward to when we have write a blog post about pouring tons of cement in our new brewhouse and Kirsten trying to convince me to put the brew-kids’ hand prints in it. Onward!