Beer Fashion

A while back my dad told me about some brewery that makes pretty crappy beer but makes a killing selling merchandise because they name their beers things like Torching Tushy Tripel and Pants Snake Pils (not the actual names but you get the idea).  Apparently, the same people that like beers named by 7th graders are the same people that don’t mind wearing shirts that only middle-schoolers find funny.  While we don’t plan on marketing to the coveted preteen market, throwing our logo and mascot on a few pieces of clothing sounded like a pretty cool idea to promote the brand (and get a bit of revenue) while we keep working on the larger financial aspects of starting the brewery.  So we did it!

On the recommendation of our lettering artist, we hooked up with Hypergiant Industries to produce a limited run of shirts and hats.  We were careful to choose both a shirt and ink type that would create a product we would want to wear, even if it cost more than the standard stuff.  We went with a lightweight cotton/poly blend shirt which we can confirm is extremely comfortable.  The printing was done with water-based ink (also light and breathable) so that the logo on the front doesn’t act as sweat magnet.  

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This endeavor also allowed us to do a fashion shoot to model some of the items for the website.  This was done at about 9pm last night in our kitchen, using our phones and Photoshop to get rid of some holes in the wall that were courtesy of a feisty 18 month old.  If you can believe it, the photo of me is the best we got and I still look like a psychopath.  At one point, Kirsten told me just to look down because my face wasn’t doing the photo any favors.  She was right.  On the other hand, she looks fantastic and was up at 4:45am that morning dealing with that same hole-in-the-wall producing 18 month old.

With the arsenal of logo components we have developed, it occurred to me that we have the makings of a baseball uniform!  When Wild Parrot becomes hugely successful, you better believe that one of the first things we will do is sponsor a local softball team to be the best looking beer leaguers on the planet.  Perhaps something like this:

Finally, Budweiser recently announced that they will rename themselves “AMERICA” for the summer, hitting the rare pandering/offensive/inaccurate trifecta.  Apparently, the marketing team at AB InBev didn’t want to go with the more accurate name of “BELGIUM” because the truth of who owns Budweiser doesn’t fit their narrative.  Anyway, this is a dumb ploy to hock more cans of a beer that has had declining sales for years.  Now seems like a good time to go back to last year, when we made this video in response to the last time Budweiser did something dumb.