Name Our Mascot

As we continue to work on the “larger financial aspects” of the brewery, which is a subject that makes our lawyer nervous for us to even mention, we get to come up with fun things to write about that don't involve federal regulations.  While on vacation this past weekend we got to talking with the Wild Parrot in-laws about the brewery and ideas for blog material.  We mentioned that we thought it would be a cool idea to have a contest to let our lovely and good-smelling blog readers name the mascot.  However, given the way those naming contests have gone in other instances (we’re looking at you Boaty McBoatface), we aren’t too sure if trusting the beer-loving public is the greatest idea.

Armed with a Costco 24-pack of Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America and a case of wine for the inferior family members who prefer that beverage, the names started flowing.  Here is a selection from (what I remember of) the round table discussion:

  • Captain Flint - A pirate themed idea which isn’t our deal, plus water is a rather large component in beer and Flint . . .

  • Jessup - Huh?

  • Twinkle Pants - Don’t remember who came up with this one, but I kinda like it more as a beer name since the mascot doesn’t really wear pants.  Perhaps a glitter-infused hoppy lager ;)  

  • Percival - This is a bad name, made worse because it would be Percy for short and he is one of the least likeable Thomas & Friends characters.  

  • Elroy - A combination of the Wild Parrot brew-kids names.  Also a spunky little chap who wears green overalls and is a member of a famous futuristic family.

  • Jack - A shorter version of our last name and a rising star in the most popular baby name category.  Unfortunately a certain fast food chain that sells two delicious tacos for 99 cents already uses it for their mascot.

  • Squawky McSquawkface - Too many syllables, otherwise I see no problems with this name.

  • Wally Pils - Sounds like a fun dude plus his initials are WP!

  • Lager VonBeerstein - I picture a baron who lords over his pupils but gives them all the beer they can drink to keep them from revolting.

  • Rickey Henderson - Looks great in green and yellow, fast as hell and an all-time great orator.  He’s like a human Wild Parrot.  May present some trademark issues though.

This is surely the first time this collection of images have been in one place 

That’s what we came up with!  For various reasons, some of these names don’t make the cut to the voting round.  Please vote below or write in your idea if you think our ideas are garbage.  If we think your idea is awesome, we will use it and give you a hat in return for signing a legal document giving us the rights ;)  Here is your chance to be a part of history!