Convention Hangover

After a hard-fought battle between a set of pretty decent names for our mascot, the top vote getter was Elroy!  It was a contentious battle with Squawky McSquawkface supporters feeling they were not given a fair shake by the PNC (Parrot Naming Committee).  Wally Pils argued that Elroy, being the combination of the names of the two brew-children, was too “establishment” to be the face of Wild Parrot Brewing Company.  Things got so heated that the “Pils Pals” threatened to walk out of the convention in protest.  But Elroy, Wally Pils, and McSquawkface agreed on a “Lagers Forward” platform, unifying the party and setting them up for the fight ahead.

Yes, we have done a bit of a zag on the naming of our mascot.  While we received a good number of votes for the names on the ballot, we also got quite a few write-ins and suggestions over our various social media accounts.  So many that we thought that they deserve to be given a shot at defeating Elroy.  The names tended to fall into a few themes - Pasadena, Parrots and Beer.  Here is a selection from the entries:

  • Arroyo

  • Simpson (After Simpson’s Garden Town in Pasadena which may have housed the original flock of parrots, which were released during a fire)

  • Brewbird

  • Pollybrewster

  • Polly Pilsner

  • Brusta

  • Ale-X-ander

  • Suds Master

  • Rosa

  • Sudsy

  • Stein

  • Peter

  • Amber Jack

  • Ben (Artist of the mascot)

  • Tank

  • Mugsy

In the spirit of the election season and at the risk of making this drag on waaaay too long, we are sending this back to you for your vote.  The mascot name primary season is over and we have the (sort of) incumbent, Elroy, defending his office.  The challenger will be a write in from the list of reader-generated names.  Please vote for Elroy or make a vote for change and choose your favorite from the list above.  Hopefully, the Russians don’t hack our super-encrypted voting system.


Finally, we had a fantastic “Summer Beer Splash” two weeks ago where we had 4 beers on tap for 50+ pool-going partiers.  Once again, our Pilsner was the most popular beer of the day.  To the surprise of nobody, a crisp, light and flavorful lager is absolutely perfect for a pool-side day in the high 80s. Surprisingly, our coffee stout was also was a big hit, so apparently full-bodied dark ales are also great in swimsuit weather.  Our awesome restaurant consultant was on hand, grilling up brats and hot links (pre-boiled in our beer), giving guests a taste of a couple of the sausages we plan to serve at the pub.  Thanks to our fines hosts and all those that made the afternoon such a success!