4th Time's The Charm (?)

Hey everybody, we are still here!  Welp, we had hoped to have some big news by now but things unfortunately have not gone that way.  It has been half a year (!!) since our location search began and in that time we have seen a ton of spaces, ranging from awesome to disgusting.  One in particular was home to squatters and had all the fun elements of an “informal” living space.  Needless to say, that was one that had us showering afterwards.  But some of these locations have been really good, prompting us to submit an offer.  Also needless to say, those have not panned out.  So we are essentially back where we were months ago, only with a good amount of experience gained in the fun world of commercial real estate.

There is no need to go over the frustrations of the past 6 months, that isn’t good reading.  Plus future potential landlords may read this (Hi, potential landlord!) and we don’t think writing that way represents who we are.  Instead, let’s talk a bit about the process.  

  1. Take a look at the space.  Is it around 3,000sf at a minimum?  What is the existing infrastructure?  Where will customers come from?  Is the listed lease rate insane or completely insane? Are there squatters?

  2. What is the parking situation?  At literally every location we have looked at, one of the first three questions we have asked is how much parking is available.  This has more to do with meeting city parking requirements than our own needs.  Some decent options have dropped off the list purely because the lack of parking would result in the City denying our permit.  Do squatters need parking?

  3. Draw up a space plan to see how things might flow.  Vet with an architect.  How do we balance brewery space with seating space?  What could we do to make this place special?  How do we work with what exists to minimize build-out cost?  Would squatters find this place cozy?

  4. Talk with our financial consultant to see what revenues could be expected in this space and then determine a workable lease rate.  Question this numerous times until you feel comfortable.  This usually involves a beer or two.  Squatters like beer, right?

  5. Write up an offer, submit, wait, get a response, submit counter, wait, wait . . . squa . . nevermind.

We have yet to get to the actual lease negotiation step, which will surely unleash another list that we can hopefully write about in the near future.  For now, the location search continues!

On the brewing side of things, we are working on a cold-brew coffee lager recipe as it seems like every location we look at has a coffee roaster nearby.  This is an amber lager that doesn’t have the roastyness that is typically paired with coffee in a beer.  Coming up with a recipe that loops in another local business seems like a pretty sweet idea, plus maybe we can get some kind of beer-for-coffee swap!