Beer Fashion

A while back my dad told me about some brewery that makes pretty crappy beer but makes a killing selling merchandise because they name their beers things like Torching Tushy Tripel and Pants Snake Pils (not the actual names but you get the idea).  Apparently, the same people that like beers named by 7th graders are the same people that don’t mind wearing shirts that only middle-schoolers find funny.  While we don’t plan on marketing to the coveted preteen market, throwing our logo and mascot on a few pieces of clothing sounded like a pretty cool idea to promote the brand (and get a bit of revenue) while we keep working on the larger financial aspects of starting the brewery.  So we did it!

Year In Re-brew

Lots of behind the scenes stuff going on here at the Wild Parrot world headquarters (and it will likely continue that way for a bit) but while looking back through the anthology of blog posts, we noticed that last week marked the one-year anniversary of my trip to Colorado for the Brewery Immersion Course.  That was the real jumping off point of what has been been a helluva year.  El Niño was a dud in Southern California, Taco Bell released the Quesalupa and the Raiders weren’t awful.  Also, a lot has been accomplished in our work to start a brewery! 

Beer Letter Art

As we bid farewell to phase 1 and say wassup to phase 2, we wrap up our graphics creation process with the introduction of our lettering!  The mascot set the tone for the direction we want for our branding - fun, simple and a bit quirky.  To find somebody who could take this vision and turn that into a legible and cool-looking piece of art, we did what anybody would do; Google something along the lines of "best lettering artist."  From there, I’m not sure exactly how we landed on contacting Jason Carne, but it may or may not have been related to my love of tacos.  

The Brewer’s Wife, the Beer Bash, & El Niño

Last Thursday, I watched John roll the kegarator down the street and around the corner to our friend Pete’s house, in preparation for our first “Beer Bash.”  Rolling the kegarator two blocks was loud and slow, and as I heard it rattle down the street, I thought, “this is it; here we go.”  I also thought “I will commit violence if he wakes up the baby” and “Our neighbors better not be watching because rolling an appliance down the street at 10pm isn’t a good look.”  But back to my original thought.  I knew this keg move for the Beer Bash was the start of more than just a party – it was the portal we were passing through from Phase One to Phase Two.  Phase One of the brewery development had been gradual and over the period of many years.  It was like the training wheels on my son’s bike – safe, secure, easy . . . we had accomplished a great deal but in an environment where mistakes were ok and taking our time was fine.  Phase Two won’t be so forgiving.

Revealed : The Pub Concept Drawings

In the last blog post we released our Wild Parrot mascot and in this post we are releasing the concept drawings for the pub . . . So much graphical excitement!  This was an exercise in creating a visual representation of our design vision.  All that good stuff we talked about in the two previous blog posts (here and here) on the Oyster method and our pub-related goals culminates (well, digitally at least) with these renderings.  We created a prototypical space as a placeholder since it isn't yet time to find and design an actual location.  Here is what we came up with: