About The Folks Behind The Brewery

Hi!  We are John and Kirsten a pair of Pasadena-dwelling, kid-having, future brewery owners.  This website will track the progress of researching, planning, funding, and building the Wild Parrot Brewing Company.  

You’ll find the blog updated every couple weeks but it’s probably easier for you to join the Wild Parrot email list for updates.  Plus, when we open you’ll be first in line for Wild Parrot tastings, brew nights and other specials.

You’ll also discover an ever expanding resource page as we gather more information and as readers like you submit suggestions.  This is a two way street – we’ve got some great ideas but we know that for Wild Parrot to be as completely successful as we hope, we will need your ideas, suggestions – even your criticisms.

Thanks, now get ready for a continuing behind the scenes peek at the brewery biz – and the home of Wild Parrot.